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Some years in the past or even the present day, people have been asking this question of  “which online business is the best ?”, ” which online business do you think i should do?.”.
 However, i hope that this write up will really help you to choose among the best business that suite your passion.

   Online Business or Electronic Business (E-Business) is any kind or type of commercial transaction i.e ( and interaction between two parties, in which services or something which is of value is exchange for some type of remuneration or money), which include sharing of unique or legit information across the web. 
  Moreover, Before choosing an Online Business, there are certain factors you need to consider. However, these factors are very factual and important and this includes;
      Here, Starting an online Business is normally or sometimes difficult and risky, and it is also easy to spend all time and even your money on it. Before you start, try to figure out or plan the type of business you will need to start with. And will this Business be a kind of sole proprietorship, partnership or even corporative type of Business?. Here, you place your plan.
      Passion or enthusiasm is a strong emotion you have for something. Here before starting an online Business you need choose a Business which you are passionate about. Ask yourself a question like, ” this Business am about to start, do i have a passion for it or am i passionate about this passion?”, “can i continue on the business for at least a year?. So many people start a business because of the money that they will earn or the profit they will get in the because. It is not about the money you will get or gain when you start. You have to choose a Business that suites your Passion, so as to be able to sustain or continue in the Business.

       The next thing is to understand your passion or Business. You need to understanding the precautions or the way the Business works, so as to be able to push your business to a good standard.

       Building your  Business is the next you should think of. Before Building your Business you should have known your passion or what you are passionate already. Example if you have a passion for food, you can start a blog about food, then try to give information on food, that’s how to build your passion. You need to think of how long will this business last and will this Business stay for more than ten years or can it be pass on to the next generation?. Here you need to build your Business around your passion.

       Before starting a business you need to have in mind the money needed to start up the Business. Here you need to prepare a starting capital, which i advice to save or keep 4 times(x) the fund required to start the Business. So that if 1/4 of the money goes for the starting of the Business, 2/4 or 3/4 of the money goes for expenditure or expenses that may occur and then the other 4/4 of the goes for the management of the Business. Here funding a business is very important.

       You need to know if your business needs a team or not. if it needs a team, you will need to work with teams of the same focus or interest.

       Lastly you need to start your Business. Because to succeed in anything, you need to start.

  There are lot of online business to involve, But I will list the best online Business to engage in. These are as follow;
    A Blog is a well structured platform where an individual or group of writers share their knowledge or views on a particular topic or subject and which gives update on things happening within us or our environment.
   Blogging is a feasible Business chance or opportunity which helps you to allocate or choose niche that suites your passion. Here you can earn money through your affiliate link, advertising e.g, by AdSense or advertising people from product on your blog and lot more.


     E-book known as Electronic Book which is publish and also made available in a digital form, which consist of both text and image, which is readable on a computer or other electronic device.
 Here, you earn by writing up your ideas which you can publish in a site like AMAZON.
    Affiliate Marketing is a kind of Business Advertising in by which a company reimburse or remunerate the third party who leads to a company sells of a product.
   Here, you are given the opportunity to earn online by posting links of various products, then earn some revenue from each sales you make or the person you refer.
        This is another best way people earn money online.  This for those who are comfortable in speaking in front camera. 
  Here, you can create a Youtube Channel, start uploading informative video. The more traffic or view you have, the more you are likely to earn. You can also earn by placing google ads on your Channel.

    Here, if you have good knowledge of good web layout or styling of a page, You can offer services to online client.

  Other online business includes;
 → virtual assistance.
 → Social Media Influencer.
 → Multi Level Marketing (MLM).
 → Online Course Creator.
 → Web Developing.
 → Graphic Design.
 → App Developing.
 → Stock Photographer.
      And Lot More.

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