10 Tips for Setting Fitness Goals

Yuwa B. Gaiya

I have a confession to make. I haven’t as much as lifted a leg since the “stay at home” order. It’s been that hard setting fitness goals.  Seriously!

Well, other than the fact that I don’t want to be mistaken for the Michelin man, working out is a great stress reliever and it helps to prevent a plethora of health challenges.

So, as stay at home orders begins to relax a bit, I’m giving myself—and you—a pep talk. There are realistic ways to get back into the swing of fitness, and it doesn’t take a whole day to do it. Here are 9 tips for setting fitness goals.

Hire a personal fitness coach

There’s always another work e-mail to send or another child to pick up or a husband spouse to greet. But, if you hire a personal trainer and make set appointments each week, it’s on everyone’s calendar—including yours. You’ll plan around it and make fitness a habit.

Plan your schedule

Think of workouts as important meetings you’ve scheduled with yourself. Bosses don’t cancel. Set aside time each day to get active, get your heart rate up and blood flowing. Short on time? You can always try one of our express online 30-minute  first thing in the morning before work. Exercising in the morning is a great way to wake up the metabolism and get you ready for the day ahead. Rebounding in the morning, creates an incredible lLymphatic fFlush that acts as a detox to rid the body of accumulated toxins.

 Get a companion

 It’s always easy to hit snooze if you’re just thinking about going to the gym by yourself before work.  But, disappointing a friend who’s counting on you? That’s a different matter completely.  

 Incorporate exercises into everyday activities

This may sound weird, but I do one-legged squats and hip lifts while I’m brushing my teeth, and I do calf raises when I’m on an escalator or before I exit the stairs.

Use the stairs

Get the furthest parking spot from the door. Or take the long way home. Or walk to get coffee instead of driving 5 blocks … You get the idea.

Get moving with online fitness communities

Keeping fit can be fun online. Get commited to an online community who share similar goals, you’ll not only be held accountable for your efforts but you’ll also have a group of people  cheering you on. Sprinkle in a healthy competition  into the mix and you may be inspired to push yourself harder. Some incorporate apps and gadgets to keep  you on track.

 Take yoga

This fits in with a scheduled workout and a scheduled time each week. In addition to, stress relief and serious stretching, there is also some great strength training going on here without lifting a single weight. 

Take progress shots

Progress shots are a great way to keep motivated when you think progress is slow or that you’ve reached a plateau. Each day it’s difficult to notice the subtle changes in the way we look, so taking weekly or monthly progress selfies can be a great way to document the change. Why not take a progress pic and tag us on Instagram using @……? #…… and we’ll cheer you on!

Experiment with something new

Take a spin or step class at your gym. Go to the scary machine that has both pedals for your legs and handles for your upper body. Or, branch out to something completely different. Take a dance class, try a climbing wall or learn karate.

 Every minute counts

Can’t get to the gym for your normal workout of weights and cardio? Stop by the gym on your way home from work or running errands and get in 20 minutes on the elliptical or a quick circuit of weights. Worried about running errands in sweats? Check out our next post on workout wear that works all day.

Do you have other ways to set realistic fitness goals or incorporate exercise into your everyday routine? Please share in the comment field below.


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