Digital Marketing: Reasons your business should invest in SEO in 2021

There are several search engines on the internet which make required data available to the users within an instant. A thousand of relevant websites or businesses might appear in those search results. Search engines tend to display the most relevant and good quality websites first. A business always aims to improve its website ranking in the search results in order to attract more customers. The process by which this is achieved is known as Search Engine Optimization or SEO. In short, SEO makes your website more accessible to the potential customers online.

Let’s look at a few reasons why a business should invest in SEO:

Search Engine Popularity

Search Engines are now optimized for mobile users and to carry out voice-based searches. They are even local search optimized. This means search engines are widely used and will continue to attract more users in the near future. Securing a good rank and visibility in the search results is therefore extremely important for a business. This can be achieved through investing in SEO for your website. If users cannot find your website through a search engine, it would be as good as nonexistent for them.

Cost Effective

SEO is a smart way to generate organic web traffic without having to pay for each lead. Marketing your products through various social media, online ads or purchasing leads can be comparatively costlier. For example, a PPC (Pay per click) campaign will only help you till you are paying for it. The benefits will stop as soon as you stop the campaign. SEO focuses on long term results which means you continue to reap benefits even after you stop paying.  With SEO, you can just make changes to your website structure, title tags, text and video content to begin with. You need to generate a few optimal keywords and focus on them to improve your ranking in the search results. It also has a larger target market as compared to other advertising methods. 



SEO provides a lot of analytics about your website and its growth. You can easily keep track of the amount of traffic to your website, conversions, increase in the search rankings and much more. Some comprehensive analytics enable you to also find out the demographic information and the engagement metrics of the visitors who have interacted with your site. Such information plays a crucial role in understanding your target audience.


Overall Marketeer

SEO is often linked to just Google. But in reality, SEO improves your product or website ranking on various platforms simultaneously. Social Media sites like Facebook, e-commerce sites like Amazon or video browsing sites like YouTube also act like search engines and rank their search results in a similar way as Google or Bing. SEO helps optimize your content accordingly resulting in a better ranking overall, across platforms.


Significant Return on Investment (ROI)

SEO can churn out a great return on your investment provided you make sure the process is an ongoing one and not a one-time thing. Continual optimization is the key to conduct a successful SEO. You need to set aside a budget to conduct SEO for minimum 6 months to 1 year to reap the long-term benefits of SEO. Unlike other marketing techniques, SEO works even after the campaign ends and in fact gives better results as time progresses.

Improves Quality

Google gives a lot of importance to the quality of a website when ranking it in its search results. SEO makes sure that the quality of your website and the content on it is optimized to achieve the top most rank possible. It also enforces a better user experience, website security and improves other technical aspects of your website. This procedure optimizes your website as a whole and leads to better quality whilst improving your ranking.

Brand Building

 The users who search for a particular service or product tend to make a mental note of the relevant search results. Users are also known to attach more credibility to the websites which have ranked higher in the results. Very rarely does a user visit the second or third page of the search results. If your SEO is done right, your business will be ranked in the top few search results for a set of relevant keywords or queries. If you maintain a steady top rank in your niche, you will get an edge over your competitors. This creates a lasting impression on the customer’s mind and helps build your brand over time.

Long Term Benefit

While Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is known to have more speed, SEO is known to work more efficiently. Other marketing strategies might seem fruitful for a shorter period but they don’t provide the long-term growth and stability that a business requires to flourish. Conversion rates get higher in SEO with time and it keeps working efficiently for a longer duration as compared to other marketing techniques. SEO is called an investment and not an expense because it makes sure you reap long term benefits.


In this day and age, it is extremely crucial to tap the benefits of SEO to run a successful business online. It is also important to keep your SEO strategy flexible and evolving to embrace the ever-changing algorithms of popular search engines for maximum visibility.

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