It is generally believed, and with good reasons, that fastbit trade online is the most untrusted scammer and manipulative scheme for all prospective investors. This is because, they can clear out your wallet of every dime and also charge for some hidden or unrevealed reasons too. However, quite surprisingly, they look so professional to negotiate with prospective investors, but honestly be careful; they are fake. Never try this fastbit stuff at any time. They, like most other trading scammers, promise unrealstic returns of up to 20 percent on initial deposits. Any information about Fastbit trade is published on their website by members of the site, and that makes it very suspicious and unreliable too. This article will help you to determine whether Fastbit trade is legit or a scam. One may not be entirely wrong to claim that there are now many more twisted online trading scamming platforms than the genuine ones, and more are bring created daily because the enterprise is lucrative. This makes it all the more necessary why we should always be on guard and careful, lest we fall easy prey to theses scroungers. To effectively do this, you may consider the following vital tips:


First and most importantly, the site is new and so cannot be judged satisfactorily. In order to find out about its trustworthiness, you may use WOT( Web of Trust). WOT is a web service used by many internet users to rank or evaluate the safety of any website. Never endeavor to trust any website that has a low WOT rating, and to improve WOT reputation, you can read further on Google.


You should be able to ascertain whether is actually classified as a malware or not. This safe browsing service was created by Google inc. in order to identify malicious or potentially injurious websites. Once the site is detected by Safe Browsing, you should not visit it under any guise.


You are also advised to check Fastbit trade via multiple third party security services. This will definitely help you with regards to identifying scam sites, phishing and malware websites too. Once the site is detected by just one search engine, it may be a risk and hence, should be avoided at once.


You should also check Fastbit trade domain with the data base of scam words. No legit website would use a branded name like rayban in the domain name. This is because, only the original manufacturer( RayBan) should use its brand name in the domain name. Using this option will help you to identify potentially phony websites for online shopping.


Find out if Fastbit trade uses a valid HTTPS secure connection or not. An HTTPS secure or encrypted connection is highly recommended for any online shops or even e-commerce websites as well. Therefore, whenever you are submitting any sensitive data or information, ensure that you securely transmit them over HTTPS. Do not enter your credit card details in any non-HTTPS website, lest you have a lot of regrets afterwards.


Similarly, find out if fast- bit is popular among web users or not. On this score, you may use an Alexa rank. Any Alexa rank higher than zero and less than 500 000 means that the site has a good amount of traffic. The less Alexa rank you have, the more popular is the website.


Check out exactly when the company was indeed first registered. Any company registered about three months ago, is potentially suspicious because the time taken is not enough to provide satisfactory information about the company . Therefore, pay attention if you plan to buy goods from any young e-commerce website for this reason. In addition, you may view the company’s complete WHOIS details too.


Make sure that you confirm as to whether the company has a commonly abused TLD. Never buy any goods from a domain that ends with any of: XYZ, CLUB or TOP. Also, check the domain extension to see whether it is related to commonly abused TLDs. Most scam websites have domains that end with unusual and cheap TLDs. This additional check will enable you to make the correct choice too.


Before you venture into buying anything from any website, check out for the following details:

(a). Check and affirm whether the site has a ‘contact us’ web page.

(b). Make sure that you avoid any online shops that use free email providers like hotmail or gmail.

(c). Verify as to whether the site info is comprehensive enough by containing names, addresses, country and so on.

(d). Look for an ‘about us’ or “company” web page.

(e). Also, make sure that you ascertain whether the company has a valid or Partita IVA number or not, though this is for Europe only.

(f). Never allow yourself to be fooled by very low prices. In fact, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. So, do be careful.

(g). Make sure that you confirm also if the site has a social profile on any of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on. If it doesn’t, that is another red flag as well, and so stand back.

(h). Before you go any further, it is highly recommended that you try to contact the company’s website via the phone number of the owner or his/ her email address.

(I). Also, try to analyze the domain WHOIS data in order to find info about the owner of the site.

(j). Look out for possible grammatical errors of English or any other language for that matter.

(k). Never use your credit card to pay. Preferably, pay through Pay Pal or your account, which will make chargeback options easier just in case.

(l). Proceed to verify whether the website is certified by McAfee SECURE.

(m). Do not transmit any vital information on non-HTTPS pages.


There are several methods you can adopt in order to ensure the recovery of any money paid to online forex trade scamming sites. First, you may use the chargeback option, which will fight on your behalf for the money recovery. Alternatively, you may contact your bank on the issue or your credit card provider too. In cases of wiring or transfer of funds, you may issue a threat of going to the authorities or any regulatory body. All these measures are very capable of forcing a refund. At the end, in order to save others from these crooks, you may leave very explicit reviews about these scammers online on other websites. These measures will most likely elicit a response on their part because obviously you are muddying up the waters, and they don’t want that.

It is absolutely necessary that we take every possible protection that will safeguard our money from online trading scams. If you have ended up a victim despite all these efforts, you should take it upon yourself to enlighten others about this menace, and those people or companies involved too. This you can effectively do by making their activities public on other websites for all those on the internet to see. As has been repeatedly discussed here, it is a major risk to deal with any online broker who is not regulated by any regulatory agency. If you do so, for whatever reason(s), you are basically denying yourself the chance to get refund in the event of any fraud, because chargeback becomes very difficult, if not downright impossible, in such unregulated cases.


If you must avoid fraud in online Forex trading, then courtesy demands that you should be on guard constantly. Truly there is much money to be had in Forex trading, but it is not nearly as easy and fast as we are made to believe. In addition, you are likely to be sold the bogus idea of making many times your investment in a matter of hours or days. Nothing can be farther from the truth than this. Therefore, if you wish to make any successful investment, start by knowing as much as possible about the whole process from the beginning to the end, identify what kind of trader you want to be, and so on. After making your investment, the next stage involves working relentlessly, seeking advice or counsel from more experienced traders, monitoring the market trend and so on. In fact, it entails sheer work and more work before you can make it in Forex trading. You don’t just invest and go to sleep.

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