INTRODUCTION. is an online shopping app.  From all indications, the opinions of people on Taposhop are many and varied. In all prudence, before we will be able to know for sure whether this online app is genuine or not, it will only be fair to compare the people’s reviews of the company, and ultimately place both the negative and positive ones side by side. 

There are people who consider this company legit because of certain reasons. For example, Taposhop is claimed to be legit by some people especially  considering that the company has a score of about 80 percent based on the analysis of up to 40 different data sources which were checked online. First, it is said that the company has a lot of traffic on it according to Alexa app. In the same vein, this impressive score is based on the technology used in the evaluation as well as the location of the company, in addition to the fact that many other sites are found on the same server as Taposhop. 

Essentially however, this impressive rating may not really be revealing the truth, since criminals are known to have bought reputable and highly rated websites in the past, and they continue to do that even now as we speak. To be on the safe side, it is highly recommended that you conduct your own research of the company, if you wish to do business with them. Another good thing is the fact that according to Xolphin SSL Check, the company’s SSL certificate seems to be genuine and valid, while the shop itself sells products online, but its owner seems to be hiding his true identity on WHOIS while using a paid service, and many websites are in fact not linking to their site. More worrisome is the fact that, the company has not gotten much reviews from the sites that are commonly used as review sites.


The company claims that anyone can earn thousands of Rupees through their app or website by simply completing daily tasks or referral, but how true is this really? We shall soon find out in due course. Despite a few positives here and there, many people regard Taposhop as a fraud and consequently advise prospective customers to keep away from the company. Why do some people see Taposhop as unsafe really? Well, first, it is kind of poorly created, and there is no name or information about its founder or owner anywhere on their website. These are bold indications of a red flag indeed, if there is any. Furthermore, on checking the website, you will find that the company has been active since around October 2020, but the name of its owner and any contact details are hidden from the public.

 In addition, and more suspiciously too, the company promises you very lucrative deals and attractive plans, which is another red flag also, as that is a common scheme by fraudsters to lure the greedy and the gullible among the public. Taposhop offers high payouts which deceive its users to add more money in order to earn more. Should you add any more money, there is really no guarantee that you will eventually get any withdrawal. Furthermore, contact details are conspicuously absent, and the only way to contact them is via their email or phone.

 Even this is a one way sort of communication too, because, should you send a message, there is absolutely no guarantee whatsoever that you will get any reply at all. To worsen matters and make them look more suspicious than ever, is the fact that their customer care number never works too. Nobody knows who the owner of the Taposhop earning app or website is, and if the company does not tell you that, then who are you really dealing with? Obviously, a ghost, and you wouldn’t want that, would you? Well, there it is really. You either take it or leave it. Simple. Fraudsters are known to cover up their personal information and details for the fear of being caught up. Therefore, before investing anything, find out about their customer care number and owner details or company registration details. 

All these are visibly absent on their official websites, so, what do you make of that? Your guess is obviously as good as mine, right? You will do well to stay away from the Taposhop earning app, because it is glaringly a dubious enterprise.

Whoever does what is considered wrong and unlawful is logically expected to devise means or ways through which they can evade detection and punishment. This is exactly what obtains with online scammers too. Much as you may try, it is practically impossible for you to identify who are the founders, owners or persons behind these scam sites. To this effect, you will not see the names, addresses or telephone numbers of such important persons in the company. As a result, whenever anything goes wrong or awry, you have nobody to hold responsible for any hard luck story. 

Physical addresses are also never provided on these dubious websites, and where they are, such addresses may either be fake or change from one place to another on the same website. Any such inconsistency in the addresses given, simply imply that the company is in all probability a fake one, which you should avoid at all cost in your own interest. Company regulatory bodies are responsible for monitoring and evaluating the activities of the firms under them whom they are responsible for, and who are also duly registered with them. In your effort to ascertain the legitimacy of any firm, Google can be of immense help as well. 

For instance, there is what is known as the WOT rating on Google, and only those companies with high enough WOT rating should be trusted and dealt with in matters of business transactions. Should Google not know any company at all, you will do yourself a turn of good to avoid any such company entirely. Lest you regret your actions in the long run. In all these counts, Taposhop unfortunately has a very poor rating indeed. 

This simply means that you must not transact any business with them, and where you still think you should, it is advisable that you conduct your own research to be absolutely sure. After all, nobody wishes to incur any loss of valuables, no matter how small that may be. In summary, Taposhop is indeed a scam scheme which should be avoided in your own interest.


There is a lot of money to be had in forex trading. However, there are also pit falls strewn on the way to these money. This is the one reason why prospective customers need to be very wary of scam companies, by making indepth and efficient research on all such companies, especially those that are relatively new in the business. Even old companies and websites should be checked with equal or similar zeal, because criminals are known to buy up very reputable firms or companies. There are common ways they start preparing you for their nefarious activities. 

First, they will offer you deals and return of investments(ROI) that are so mouth watering and damn too freaking good to be true. If anything sounds too good to be true, then it probably isn’t actually true. Never fall all too easily for the chance to make enormous profit or ROI for just any investment. There just isn’t anything like making money without any effort. If you must make money anywhere, your personal effort, courage and perseverance are usually required. There is also the issue of protecting your life savings from clandestine people. This is where you should be concerned with how you pay for something or invest in any  business. Fraudsters are very good in identity theft once they can get at your data through such documents as your credit cards. Once they are able to get hold of such vital statistics, your account is all but theirs to deal with as they like. 

Consequently, it is strongly recommended that you should, as much as possible, use your PayPal or bank accounts in making payments as against your credit cards, which are very susceptible to identity theft by nefarious persons. Another added advantage is that, should you get defrauded or scammed by fraudsters, it is easy to recover your money when payments were made through any of bank or PayPal accounts in comparison to credit cards. Regardless, of all these preventive strategies, which are being made public regularly, people are still duped daily due to excessive greed and ugly lust for cheap or easy money. 

Do note that, there is no such thing as cheap or quick money, because if there were, those who have heard about them first will never share the information or opportunity with you. You simply got to work for your money, men! That is just it, or you never will get it at all. Simple.

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