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 Shopbia is an online store that sells electronic items such as smart phones, electronics, air conditioner and others. The onlinestore is know for giving huge discount that are too good to be true. This discount are so much that it offers 90% discount on top rated smart phones and electronics like the iphone, samsung and likes of others. was registered 1st of January 2021 source from who is database, location in Maharashtra, India. During their launch they have received lot of visit because of their huge discounts that are too good to be true. They get people contact from social media accounts and publish fake testimony of successfull buyers on different Platform to lure people into their website.

Considering is not 1years old is suspicious of them to be offering this discounts. As such discount are to Gain buyers to buy their product which will obviously lead to Scam. When the buyers makes a payment they are usually left ignored and do away with the money.

This article would guide you on review : Is a scam or legit? please do well to read till the end to avoid misinformed.

During the state of this review is currently not active anymore. This could be as a result of fraudulent activities going on the website and reports from victims to the Domain name register.

Most Genuine onlinestore have a social media accounts, but does not have any social media accounts linked to their account. The Contact details provided on their website are not genuine, their email address are inactive. Their claimed location was in Rajasthan, but Website was registered in in Maharashtra, India.

The address they provided on their website does not include any office address or even an office phone number. 

The phone number given on their website are marked as Scam on true caller ID. And you should avoid any call from number marked as Scam. To avoid been scammed.


Shopbia is a linked scam cases by scammers who started the Scam Website. The is the same as as they both sell electronics products online and offers discounts that are too good to be true, thereby scamming people of their money and fail in delivery the product as promised.

The scammers who started scam Website could not continue their scam activities as their website have been reviewed and detected as scam, which have made their website to be inactive and which have lead to a creation of new website to scam people.

The items listed on are the same as items on and the same with the description. The two scam website uses the same number to reach out to their victims. The number have been detected as scam on Truecaller Id.


Shopbia have been reported as a scam Website numerous times and that could be the reason for their website been short down and inactive status.

Shopbia is very Young Website and not even up to a year, this website was registered on January 2021. Most scam Website are very young in terms of Domain registration as they are usually created to scam people.

The identity of shopbia is hidden from the general public eye. This is done to avoid investigators to know their personal information. Most Genuine onlinestore leave their details to the public to show that are genuine and have nothing to hide.

Shopbia have been reported cases of selling fake products with crazy discounts to attract people that want to pay less to get something of High value.

The website have been rated 1 out of 100 and reported as Scam on scam detector and accross different Websites.

Shopbia have lot of negative reviews across different Website in Scam detector, quora and even on Trust pilot.

Shopbia description are copied from other Website same as their products description. Most of their content are copied.

Their customers service are unresponsive, and does not reply after payment are made. 

Shopbia have lots of copied Content on their website from genuine e-commerce website to fake been a real one.


Shopbia scam work by luring you to buy products on their E-commerce website, which are greatly discounted. High end product that have high cost are listed as low prices. This is done to keep buyers turned in. As people would like to go for things they know cost heavily and buy it at low prices without knowing it is Scam. 

When you select the product you want to buy, you are required to make a payment either by inputing your card details or you can place a call to them.

When you make a successful payment, and expect your product delivered to your location they will not reply you. As this was all a scam to lure you to make payment to them.

To aviod story that touches the heart, ensure you are dealing with legit e-commerce website.


When you fall as a victim to shopbia or any other scam Website always try to get your money back, by reporting it to the bank, or payment method used. You should avoid using crypto currency exchange as they can be to traced or refunded. You should avoid wasting time to get your funds.

You should report their website to the Domain name register as scam to Short it down, and tools used in operation such as their number and email as scam.

You should avoid filling out your details to aviod been contacted by their next scam method, as they mostly use successfully victims for their new laugh.

Always carryout your own research before using an E-commerce website to avoid been scammed.


Website like shopbia which engage in Scam activities can easily be detected if they have these followings:

1. Their domain name registeral is new and not up to 2years.

2. Have a lot of negative reviews and feedback from various platform.

3. Have a low rating on Trustpilot and Scam detector.

4. Promise huge discount that are too good to be true.

5. Information hiden from the Whois database.

6. Reported cases on Scam activities.

7. No social linking and activities outside their website.

8. Phone number is detected as scam on Truecaller Id.

9. Not licensed and unapproved.

10. Sending spam emails without your concerns.

11. Placing call to convince you to make a quick decision.


MARTBIA.IN is another similar and linked e-commerce website that have the same similar scam method by

It have been know that came before, they both offer similar discount as same Products and description on their website. It is no News that shopbia is a new rebranded scam project. have lot of negative reviews which have lead to their website been short down. Which lead this scammers to create new website to lure more people in.

Both and use the same phone number and domain registration address.

SHOPBIZ.IN is another Scam Website linked to, they both provide fake products for discount prices that are very low. When a successful transaction have been made they ignore the buyers request to deliver the product.

Shopbia and Shopbiz are operated by the same scammers because they use the same methods, same location and description details. They both hide their indentity from who is database.


SHOPBIA is not legit they have been linked to scam cases on this website which have led to their website inactive account. Although they keep coming up with New Website like Shopbiz and Martbia. These Website have similar details you should look out for such details to avoid been their victim.


To do this you have to avoid dropping your contact details on social media openly like phone numbers and avoid inputing your emails on site you don’t trust as the can use this to get back to you.

Sometimes most newly created scam Websites use the details of data of individuals they found online to target them.  This is more reasons not to put out your personal information publicly Online.

You should use a temporary email if you are wait to signup to a website you don’t Trust. 

Don’t signup for every news letter you know nothing about, because emails are one of the tools Scammers use in Contacting you.

Block and report any spam call you receive to your sim Carrier. The reason for this is to ensure you will not receive any of their call as they use calling as one of their tools to defraud people easily and Make people to take quick decision they will end up regleting.


Shopbia is a scam and is not legit you should avoid doing any transection with such site. Always check back here for more review.

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