Gtlot review : Is Gtlot legit or scam


 Gtlot is a forex trading platform, registered (not licensed) on 2020, source from who is database, they have been reported cases of scam by gtlot. This article will guide you on ” is gtlot genuine “.

 Gtlot have been on the internet for 3years and is still active, the past years they have received massive traffic on their site and lot of registered users who wised they know what you are about to know now before been lured by them.

Disclaimer this article have been well researched and avoid been misinformed. Please read till the end.



 Gtlot have a simple user interface, and simple trading experience, even at this they are unregistered brokers and are not licenced. Most people would consider trading with Platform that are registered rather than those that not registered.

 This is because their is high risk of losing your money when trade with this platform as they can not be traced.

 Gtlot have a 2 star rating on trustpilot that is a red flag! Their Trading platform seems to be automated and basically simple this is bad as traders would not have much option when Trading.

 Gtlot Use automated Trading software that only limit you, have been one of the major tools SCAM brokers have been using, this allows them to take full control of the software.

 By using Gtlot there is more tendency that your money would be taken from you as they are unregistered and they would be no agency to go after them since they are untraceable, but you can get back your money if you report to your bank quickly on time.

Gtlot focus is to Target new traders or those with little or no trading experience to lure them into using their website to trade in the hope of making huge profit as they promise to their victims.


One of their policy that is a red flag is that You should not invest money the money you don’t want to lose. Gtlot police clearly stated you can’t make profit, this policy is done to keep forex investigator up check. They also mentioned they would require your ID before receiving your money. This is a know method mostly used by scammer to lock your funds.

Gtlot claimed to be registered in Beachmont Business Centre. But this address have been linked to Lot of scams brokers in the past. No matter what you read on the website to keep your funds secured you should only trade with website that is knowed, registered and have been licenced.


 To register on Gtlot you have to input your first name, last name, email address, Phone number, Country, your preferred currency exchange, promo code and accept their terms and policies.

 By registering on Gtlot you are not given access to trade. You have to be called by their Agency based on the number you deposited, they we call you to persuade you to make deposite there by giving access to their simple platform. They make promises that sounds too good. You might fall for this . This is a method that is used by unregulated traders and scammers to make you make a quick decision you would reglet letter. They call you to make you do some quick decision to convince you to make a deposit and stop you from researching. 


Redrawing your funds on Gtlot is not possible if you have requested for it for over 6 month. Gtlot does not allow you to redraw your funds. If you have problem with redrawer issues you should quickly contact your bank. Show then prove such as email requesting for redrawer and you can get your money back.

Although they have been numerous Scam cases on Gtlot, and most have been unable to redraw their funds, as most transaction are made on Cryptocurrency machine which are untraceable and fluent to scam activities.


Gtlot Trading software are not capable of carrying out trading they are poorly designed and only used to lure traders who knows little to nothing in forex trading. Gtlot have lot of negative reviews and you should avoid them.

The software is simple, and a beginner can use this, it might sound good, but this software can be easily manipulated to show you figures to keep trading, your money can get lot at the end. Gtlot claims their software are automated to give you the best result.

Gtlot software give you little to no control over your trading which is bad for trading and more reasons you should avoid them. 


 Gtlot is not safe, they haved been linked to many scam cases on trading, Cryptocurrency linked to Gtlot and you should avoid them. Avoid imputing your details as this scammers can use your information to get back to you as a new Forest brokers. 

 Depositing your money on Gtlot put your money at risk, because they are unlicensed, and unauthorized, they can do away with your money, as they cannot be easily traced and your money would be gone. Before going into any investment platform you should always check for their credibility online and trust prove. 


Gtlot require you to fill in your details on their website such as your phone number, when you have done so. They place a call to you using a virtual phone number or telephone line. Their agent usually talks with the victims, and try to convince him or her to make a deposit fast to reap the huge bonuses And that they will make profit within their first deposite, which is very promising.

 The reason for this is to grab your trust by convincing you to make a quick decision, to stop you to carryout a research before using their website. Because. They have a low Trust rating on Trustpilot, and have numerous bad reviews on different sites. Seeing this will discourage you to trade with Gtlot.

When the victims have deposited the money, they keep promising huge bonuses and request for you to make another deposite. Usually they use Crypto deposite to avoid been traced or fund recovered. When the victims knows he or she is been scammed he then tries to redraw his money but found out he or she cannot redraw funds not even the fake profits made. If you have felt victim of Gtlot, you should avoid spammy emails or calls that tries to convince you as they usually go about Creating new fake platform, with the data of successfull victims as Target.

If you have fallen victims of Gtlot this is what you would wish to know.


When you fall as a victims rush to get your funds, if you make a deposit through bank you can quickly walkup to you bank and repost your case to them to get your money back. Avoid chatting with them not to fall victim again with their fake promises.

To do more you can report their website to the Domain name register on illegal trading activities, and hopefully their website can be closed down.

You should block any of their number and report the number to your sim carrier.

Please note that any transection in Cryptocurrency have less chances to get traced and more prone to getting your money lost.


 They are many scam website like Gtlot and you should know how to spot them, 

 to avoid been scammed.

1. They are not registered, most website that are into investment Platform that are scam are not registered and you should avoid carrying out trading activity from them.

2. Not licensed, always check if this website are licensed before carrying out trading activity.

3. Making huge promises and bonuses, most of the scam Website make this huge bonuses to keep you attracted, you should watch out for Website that offers huge bonuses as this can be just another way to scam you.

4. Do your research before venturing into any of the financial platform, Google is a reliable Search engine you can use.

5. Always check back for our reviews, are reviews are true and well investigated. We publish article that are genuine.

6. Considered most finance emails you do not signup as Scam, and avoid trading with you.

7. Always check for Trust ranking on Trust pilots.

8. Avoid trading Websites that offers simple Trading software as this software are manipulated to deceive you that you are making profit, to keep you adding more funds.

9. Avoid taking quick decision on call related on Trading. As the genuine ones do not call for deposite.

10. Trade with reliable and trustworthy trading Website to avoid story that touches the heart.

11. Most of this fake site, usually Contacts you through emails and calls uninformed.

12. Most if this scamm Website like Gtlot use the same design, and share similar details on location, and software. You should look out for these details.

Always carryout your own research before investing in any Website, you can check out our other review.

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