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 Joy of trade is a website that is founded by Jeff Zananiri, Joy of the trade was created to link buyers and those who want to buy the forex Trade Course called “the Money Link” by  Jeff Zananiri. 

The money link course promise to review the hidden secret that have make Jeff Zananiri to keep winning and never encountered a loss for over 10 years in Forest trading. During his webinar he assured that  $5,000 can be turned into $30,650 using the method he will review on his paid Courses.

  Joy of trade was registered in 19, July, 2019 source from who is database. Location and personal details are kept hidden from the public. This is a red flag as what there to hide if there is nothing spamming. Although this does not garantee that Joy of trade is a scam as many top companies hide their details to aviod spammy emails from scammers.


This article would guide you on “Joy of the Trade review” Read to the end to avoid misinformed.

During the start of Joy of trade website they have received lot of traffic from different location because of the Youtube adverts done by Jeff Zananiri to bring people to the website to attend the webinar of the money link. They get people attention by targeting those who what to make money with forex trading with little to no knowledge about it, to bring people to attend their webinar.

Jeff Zananiri assured joy of the trade visitors a quick rich, with no risk starting with little money. His money link Courses are divided into two packages.

The, Elite Unlimited  Retail costing $2,497 and the, Annual Retail costing $1,497.

The Elite unlimited Retail require no renewal fees while the Annual retail require a renewal of $1.

During the time of writing this review is still active but signing up of new Users are not currently available the reason for this is not know.

Joy of the Trade have lot of positive Testimonies on their website, but this does not mean it is genuine as this Testimonies can be manipulated to get more People to buy their course.

 Testimonial that are to be trusted are reviews from other sites which have used and gain experience from their courses.

Although the reviews from other sites have failed to point the nessary point for people to understand, as this sites do not make honest reviews.


Joy of the trade was registered on 2019 making it three years at the time of this review, although their operation did not begin immediately registering.

Joy of the Trade is run by Jeff Zananiri, an American new yorker source from the website. He position himself to the general public this can be seen as good. As most scam courses are usually done by an on know person.

Even at Jeff Zananiri know identity, The Money Link does not garantee a genuine course, as Scammers now go about showing their faces to gain huge Trust and victims. Which most of them get away with it, as a result of selling personal taught.

The money link have been backed with many people in the forest Trading platform who are know to sell courses promising huge result that are very promising in the aim of making themselves rich by selling their courses to people with little or no experience in trading.

Jeff Zananiri sayed he previously worked for kings of the proprietary trading world, First New York, and Schonfeld Securities. This information was gotten from his website. Although this information is not proven the fact still remain Jeff Zananiri working with this company is unknown.

Joy of the trade have received both negative reviews and positive reviews from different sites which have left people confused on what decision to take. This reviews are mostly made up by them to lure you in buying their courses.

Joy of the trade have a clear privacy and policy page on their website, most Website without this are considered as Scam and you should avoid doing any transection with them.

The alarmy policy on Joy of the trade website is failing to attend their webinar or workshop when signed up would lead to a automatic charge on your Credit card details of $250 cancellation and rescheduling fee.

Joy of trade have support from Wealthpress Holdings, this company are know for selling courses related to Forest trading.

Any loses or damage of any kind which may arise from buying any Joy of the trade courses, Wealthpress Holdings are not to be held responsible. This policy have been clearly stated on their website.

It is clearly stated that courses on Joy of the trade are made on personal advice and does not garantee your winning in Forest trading.

With their terms and policies you can see they have a clear started polices because people fail to read this terms and they make huge promises to people with relating on what on their privacy policy this can be seen as spam strategy.


Jeff Zananiri have been in charge of running youtube ads trageting individual who want to make money, He promised making money online through forest Trading using the method he use that have made him profit with no lost for the past 10yrs, investing with low capitals and ripping huge profit neglecting their website policies and terms if things went not as planned.

Jeff Zananiri is know for hosting webinars for Joy of the trade to lure people to buy their courses promising huge retures. This courses are expensive and cost between $1,497 to $2,497 renewal fee is $1.

Joy of the trade does not have a verified trading platform. He wants you to believe that he made millions in 30 mins with the course he is about to sell to you Trading with forest.

Joy of trade courses are promising making huge sales without real facts and proven evidence that he actually made such money online.


Jeff Zananiri is the founder of Joy of trade that promise reviewing the link that makes you profit Trading on forest with his course “The money link”.

He is a new yorker, Jeff Zananiri mastered the act of tradig from pan capital he let this know on his Website, He traded 5.1 million dollars and made a profit of 700 million dollars as a result of mastering the trade link.  Be he sayed, he would be making this know in his workshop money link.

Jeff Zananiri information are not made available online the only information he made are information telling people how he made millions from forest Trading without having a single lost.


It is not LEGIT, Jeff Zananiri is selling courses claiming it will make you wealthy and knowledgeable in Forest trading. Which is hard to predict.

The website is made up of articles that are made to lure you to buying their courses, without giving real acture evidence that such course works.

This pattern is mostly followed by Scammers who wants to gain your hard earn money, selling little to no usefull information at a high price in the name of showing you an undiscovered method of making money. Just to enrich themselves.

Therefore this website is not legit and only sell false claims.


With the rise of the internet, many Scam courses have arised with the aim of teaching you how to make huge profit from forest without experience any risk and loses which is too promising and with the aim of getting themselves rich by selling you the jargons they have no proof it works.

1. They makes huge promises that promise to make you Money without basing on True facts and without providing true evidence that it works.

2. They provide little to no evidence, such as providing fake reviews and testimonies.

3. They are more into selling than teaching, they show you facts rather than teach you.

4. They have hash policies and terms.

5. They don’t reflect on their terms and ignore it.

6. They are more focus on getting your money that teaching you.

7. They don’t have a verified trading performance record.


Any Forex trading guru that makes claims of huge result that are obviously too good to be true are Scammers trying to get you hard earn money and you should avoid them.

Jeff Zananiri makes promises to people with little to no experience in Forest trading, where he makes promise Trading in profit with no risk and loss in forest Trading.

The question he should be asked is if he has a verified working trading performance which is impossible in the world of Forest.

If he cannot answer that then it means his courses does not work and he is selling his courses to you because of your ignorance.

You should check back this website for more honest reviews.

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