This is an online trading platform that started sometime in April 7, 2021. The company seems like a clone fake website which doesn’t function properly. It has a minimum investment of about 500 dollars with a promise of close to 20 percent profit return. The most important thing is whether the company is a sincere scheme, in which one can make an investment without any issues or not. This is not a question the article can answer without recourse to certain facts or criteria before judgement can be rightly passed.


It is indeed true that the internet is inundated with fraudulent sites that are always striving to make a living off unsuspecting customers. In order to facilitate this nefarious project, they can go to any extent or do anything, ranging from falsehood, forgery, lying, and down to whatever they think will promote their crime. A visit to the website of any trading company or enterprise may suffice, if you know what to look for while researching the credibility of the company. Although the whole effort maybe too much if you don’t know exactly what you are looking for. In most of the cases, phony online trading companies may not divulge all their profiles or identifies, which they should, to the general public or prospective customers, mainly because they have a hidden agenda. Along line this submission, these dubious companies may not reveal their email addresses, physical locations of their offices, contact phone numbers or any detail on their founders or chief executives. Where they are forced to divulge this information, it may be laced with lies, fabrications of all sorts and insincerity. This include giving bogus addresses, fabricated business licenses, and cooked legal permits. It is also common for these companies to post a few trades of successes by some people, whom they claim to have made money through them. In such situations, it is good to regard these phony claims and focus on what the general public has to say. If people have more complaints than praises, it is a pointer to the kind of people you maybe dealing with. Nobody keeps quiet whenever they are dupped, because, if for nothing else, it is an opportunity to pay back for the wrong done. Therefore, listen to what the public has to say about your potential customer before you take it any further. Another index for checking the credibility or otherwise of any trading company is its stand with known regulatory bodies, who are charged with monitoring and inspecting the activities of all companies in their jurisdiction and even elsewhere. Any company that is not unknown or regulated by these agencies, constitutes a risk to do business with. In some instances, these regulatory authorities can go to as far as blacklisting a company before giving out public warnings to that effect. Make sure you know where you stand with any such companies. Finally on this matter, do not be in a hurry to recruit anybody to join the company, until you are certain where you stand with them. It is imperative to say thatthese companies are in a hurry to request that you should convince others to join. It wouldn’t speak well if you do before you are certain of who are dealing  with.


To start with, the company,, is not registered, regulated or licensed by any known government agencies, in addition to the fact that it is also offshore too. This definitely constitutes a risk, which anybody in their right minds will strive to avoid. After all, you are essentially dealing with a firm nobody can hold responsible whatever happens. What is more, these agencies always make it known those with whom you should associate or transact business. Some of the regulatory bodies that are very credible include: Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission(CySEC), the Financial Conduct Authority(FCA), the Australian Securities and Investment Company( ASK), and many more.  Secondly, any information with regards to the identity of its founder or chief executive is at best unknown too. This include his residential address and complete profile. In essence, dealing with the company is like dealing with a ‘will of the wisp’ at night. Public opinion on the internet as it concerns any company is a pointer to their experience and track record of the firm. Where opinions are predominantly negative, it is a pointer to the direction in which you should look. Therefore,  you will do well not to disregard the people’s viewpoint, lest you commit your own blunder, despite every precautions. Though, as their tradition exposes, the company is known to regularly paste glorious financial achievements and profits made by some of its investors, but do not let that to get you blindfolded. It is all but a ploy to deceive you the more. Primarily therefore, this company, is, from all indications, a scam and a fraud, dealing with which will inadvertently put your resources and the resources of the people you love at risk, if you dare to invite them  to join you. Do not invite anybody to join you on a journey to nowhere, because that’s what this is. So, be careful in dealing with it, if at all you must.


The most important thing is to very cautious and vigilant before you commit to any business arrangements. This includes knowing as much as possible about any business partner you may choose to deal with. Their addresses, phone numbers, emails, and so on must also be known. Knowing these things is so important that you should verify any information at your disposal, to ensure that it is valid and legitimate. Do not take anything on face value. Dates, as well as the validity of every licenses and certificates must also be known with absolute certainty. Listen for tell tale signs of exaggeration when discussing any business deals with anyone. If they sound very persuasive and try telling you of profits and gains in unimaginable numbers, be wary of what they are telling you. If it sounds too good to be true, it may just be. On the issue of making payments to your business partners, regardless of whether you know them well or not, make any such payments through reliable and uninjurious methods. Always see that you make payments through standard procedures that cannot be used to harm you, such as through bank accounts. If you should use credit cards or your bank cards, you maybe at the mercy of hackers, who can clone your card details and defraud you further. Where you have been unavoidably dupped despite all efforts, make sure that you contact the appropriate companies or people in order to quickly and correctly exercise the chargeback option, a procedure that can assist in recovering your lost or stolen money. My charge Back is a company that many people have used previously with tremendous success. Though we don’t wish that you should ever require their services, but in the event that you do, they will definitely not disappoint you. Google is an indispensable ally in this prospect. It is a website that will promptly tell you everything you wish to know about who you are dealing with. If they don’t know about the company, it is not worth dealing with. It is as simple as that. Take it or leave it. In furtherance to this strategy, there are some other online tools that can be very effective when it comes to identifying dude companies from the  real ones. These tools include: ReviewMeta owned and used by Amazon, and Fakespot, which can be used for all trading websites, like PayPal, etsy, eBay, Aliexpress, Amazon itself, and so on. Any of these apps can separate the grain from the chaff, so to say.


The allure for money can be quite overwhelming, but whatever the case maybe, we should be very cautious of who we deal with, when, and why. Find out about anybody you wish to do business with, in case things do not go as planned, for if you don’t, you are basically giving room for avoidable hardluck stories eventually. In the same vein, you should be careful of the methods of payment you use. This is because, if you are not on guard, fraudsters can steal your identity and defraud you more. For this reason, you are highly recommended to make payments through your bank accounts and not any method that may entail revealing your credit card or other bank details, which can be used against you. If the business sounds too awesome, such as the promise for you to make money than is ordinarily possible, most likely, it is a fraud. So, avoid such lucrative prospects, they may lead you to a lot of avoidable headache eventually. These fraudsters are as crafty as they come. However, if you are very informed and on guard, chances are pretty high that you can beat them to their own game.

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