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      INTRODUCTION. This is an online trading platform that started sometime in April 7, 2021. The company seems like a clone fake website which doesn’t function properly. It has a minimum investment of about 500 dollars with a promise of close to 20 percent profit return. The most important thing is whether the company is […] More

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      INTRODUCTION. It is common knowledge that certain people or companies offer fake reviews that try to mimick genuine companies by either faking up website details or invading the site itself through fraudulent means in such a way that the unsuspecting customer may be caught unawares of the dubious schemes. When this is discovered, the […] More

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    Joy of the Trade review

     Joy of trade is a website that is founded by Jeff Zananiri, Joy of the trade was created to link buyers and those who want to buy the forex Trade Course called “the Money Link” by  Jeff Zananiri.  The money link course promise to review the hidden secret that have make Jeff Zananiri to keep […] More

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    Gtlot review : Is Gtlot legit or scam

       Gtlot is a forex trading platform, registered (not licensed) on 2020, source from who is database, they have been reported cases of scam by gtlot. This article will guide you on ” is gtlot genuine “.  Gtlot have been on the internet for 3years and is still active, the past years they have received […] More

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      INTRODUCTION. is an online shopping app.  From all indications, the opinions of people on Taposhop are many and varied. In all prudence, before we will be able to know for sure whether this online app is genuine or not, it will only be fair to compare the people’s reviews of the company, and […] More

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      INTRODUCTION. Fraud is very common whenever there is money to be made or business is being transacted, especially if one is not very careful or wary of the dubious methods used by scammers or fraudsters. This is more common with regards to online businesses where most transactions are done online or remotely. It is […] More

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      INTRODUCTION. It is generally believed, and with good reasons, that fastbit trade online is the most untrusted scammer and manipulative scheme for all prospective investors. This is because, they can clear out your wallet of every dime and also charge for some hidden or unrevealed reasons too. However, quite surprisingly, they look so professional […] More

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       Introduction Finazio is an online trading platform Sayed to be founded on 2013 by group of unknown traders, investment managers and software engineers. How ever,  Finazio was registered in 2020 source from ICANN on 9/21/2021.  The ICANN is responsible for assigned domain names and numbers in charge of who is database. A database that […] More

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    Best Ways to Treat Dental Problems

     The teeth are one among the essential parts of the physical body . this is often because it plays vital functions in our feeding and digestion processes. Of course, feeding is sort of crucial to the health and growth of each human on earth, and it’s our teeth that facilitate the entire process for better […] More

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    How Do You Tell the Difference Between Nine Types of Ancient Acupuncture Needles?

      In Traditional Chinese Medicinetherapy, TCM practitioners use acupuncture needles to stimulate the nerves present beneath the skin surface and eliminate Qi imbalance. Acupuncture needles may cause a small pain at the place of insertion and, therefore the practitioners got to make use of sharp needles to form the treatment comfortable. By choosing the proper […] More

  • in review : Is binary legit or a scam?

    Introduction. It is claimed, rightly or not, that there is a lot of money to be made in binary business. Well, for what it is worth, this article will look closely at Forex transactions with a view to finding out whether there is any justifications in these popular conceptions about Forex or they are just […] More

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